Mobile Phone Scams

Mobile phone scams include ringtone scams, missed call scams and text message scams.

Ringtone scams involve offering or a free or low-cost ringtone. When you accept the offer, you may actually be subscribing to a service that will keep sending you ringtones and charging you a premium rate for them.

The scammers don't tell you that your accepting the first ringtone is actually a subscription to a ringtone service or the details of the subscription service are hidden in the fine print of the user agreement.

The missed call scam starts with a scammer calling your phone and hanging up before you answer the call. Your phone registers a missed call and you probably don't recognize the phone number. If you call back to find out who called you. If you do call the number you will be charged a premium rate for the call without knowing you are being charged.

Text message scams work in a similar way to the missed call scams. Scammers send you a text message from a number that you probably don't recognize. If you reply to the message you will be charged a premium rate for the message

An SMS contest or SMS trivia scam usually arrives as a text message or in an advertisement and invites you to participate in a contest where you could win a prize. The scammers will charge you extremely high rates for messages you send and they send to you.

With SMS trivia contests the scammers will send you numerous questions to answer. Generally, the first questions are easy to answer in an effort to keep you playing the contest so that you are being charged numerous times. In the end you can't win the contest and you can end up a hefty texting bill.

Protect Yourself.

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