InvisTrans Blockchain Finance Scam

Below is a copy of an email that is circulating from a company called InvisTrans and you may find a copy in your inbox or spam folder.

The senders email address - - when you Google it is an email address for the Rosemount Fire Department in Portsmouth Ohio. It would seem unlikely that they are operating a money transfer business.

Then there are the problems with the language used in the email, particularly in the Candidate Specification section. Things like;
Well-bred written and verbal speech. - Can speech be "well-bred" ? and
Amenability, nicety, prompt attention. - Nicety ??

Also, at the time we did a Google search trying to find a website or information for this "organization" we could find nothing. Odds are that this is a scam.

InvisTrans Blockchain Finance Email

From: Linda Greer

InvisTrans Blockchain Finance, an organization operating in the field of transfers monitoring, now has the vacant office of a Operations Manager.

Position Obligations:
- Daily online monitoring of transactions made by company customers;
- Consulting of customers in issues related to payment procedures;
- Control of confidentiality of customer payment information;
- Explanation of terms of service to customers, and provision of information regarding additional services offered by the company. Advising of customers in conducted online and remotely: via e-mail, via the widget on the website, via Skype, or through other online services.
The only condition is that a candidate must live in Canada. Conditions of Work:
Candidates are free to choose the most preferable of the following work statuses. Full employment, fixed schedule:
- Remote job;
- Working in the company office. Part time, flexible hours:
- Remote job with part-time working day;
- Working in the company office for the part-time working day. All candidates shall pass the compulsory testing time of 14 days. During this period, a candidate shall work on the part-time basis with flexible hours.
In case of and after successful completion of the probationary period, a candidate may change their occupation form to full-time, if desired. Compensation Package:
$4,800 per month for the full time, fixed office hours;
$255 per day for the relative employment, flexible hours;
$32 per hour for relative employment, and for additional working hours, if necessary. Candidate Specification:
- Advanced PC user (skills at working with communication software, office software, and ability to master new environments);
- Well-bred written and verbal speech;
- Experience in customer service of at least 1 year (as sales manager, advisor, consultant, etc.);
- Amenability, nicety, prompt attention. We appreciate candidates who are strongly motivated, wish to work hard, and are eager to gain much.
If you feel interested in the vacancy, please send your resume and accompanying letter.

Thank you in advance,
Linda Greer.

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