Emergency Scams

Emergency scams target grandparents and play on their emotions in order to scam them of their money. A scammer will target a grandparent by calling them and claiming to be one of their grandchildren.

The caller will claim that they are in some sort of trouble and need money immediately. This includes claiming that they have been in a car accident, trouble returning from a foreign country or needing bail money.

In some cases two people may call the victim. One claiming to be the grandchild and the other claiming to be a police officer or lawyer. The scammer pretending to be the grandchild will ask questions designed at getting personal information from the victim.

Callers will say that they don't want to get any other family members involved. You will be asked to wire some money to the scammer immediately. The scammer is hoping that you don't verify the story until after you have sent the money at which time it is too late. Scammers are counting on the fact that you will want to act quickly to help your loved ones in an emergency.

Another version of this scam involves the scammer pretending to be a friend of the family or an old neighbour.

Protect Yourself

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