Email Job Scams

One common email job scam that keeps showing up in email inboxes involves being offered a job to be a payment processor or facilitating business to business money transfers. The whole premise of the job is that you will be paid a great wage doing this using your personal bank account.

That is what the scammers are after - your bank account information. Once they have that information they can access your account and steal your funds.

The other scenario is that they send you cheques that you deposit into your account and wire transfer funds, less your fee to the scammers. They get the cash and your bank contacts you and tells you that the cheque is bogus.

These email job offers generally come from Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc. email addresses not a corporate email address.

They may claim that they found your resume on Indeed or Careerbuilder or some other job site and the email may even contain a graphic of one of those sites. If you don't have your resume posted as they say then you know it is a scam.

Any job offer where you are asked to submit your credit card number, cash cheques or wire money is a scam. If you are asked to pay a fee in order to process an application for a job it is a scam.

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