Data Entry Scams

There are many work from home job scams to be found advertised on the internet. If you see a data entry job that offers big payouts for little work or really high earnings per hour there is a good chance that it is a scam.

It is more than likely a scam if someone is offering data entry jobs where you pay a fee for:

Classes or training. The company requires you to take courses before they will hire you or that if you take this training other companies will hire you.

A list of prospective employers that hire data entry workers. The list is probably one that you could create by searching the internet yourself.

A test to see if you have the skills necessary for data entry work.

Administrative fees to process your application to be a data entry worker.

Data entry certification. You will be told that you need to pay for an exam to be certified in the field of data entry. Most people will fail this test or the "certification" if you receive it is worthless.

The scammers may be satisfied with the money that you paid them and/or they may be after your credit card number which they then use to purchase goods and services. Also, they may charge you higher fees than stated or if they can get away with it charging your credit card monthly hoping that you will not notice.

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