ATM Scams - How Does ATM Skimming Work

ATM skimming is a process where thieves use a card skimmer to collect card information. A card skimmer reads your card number, which can be used later to print fake cards or to make online payments. The skimmer is place over the ATM's real card reader slot and when you slide your card in the illegal reader acquires your information.

The second part of the theft is to acquire your PIN number. This is done by having a camera hidden near or on the ATM positioned in such a way that the camera has a clear view of the keypad in order to capture all the PIN numbers.

Another way to acquire the PIN is through the use of a fake keypad. The fake keypad is placed over the original and records the numbers that are pressed during the transaction.

Protect Yourself

Check that the card reader is firmly attached.
Check for hidden cameras.
Watch out for fake keypads. If the keypad feels loose or thick it may be fake.
If you notice any cracks on the body of the ATM or any parts that are not aligned properly it could be a sign that someone has tampered with the ATM.

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